Can You Beat A Speeding Ticket

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Can You Beat A Speeding Ticket

How can I beat a speeding ticket? What is the best way to beat a speeding ticket in court?

I’ve been driving for 15 years and never got a speeding ticket. I don’t even think I was speeding when I got pulled over! Anyway, the ticket also had an error (the fine didn’t match the speed overage listed). I don’t think my defense can be, “I wasn’t speeding!” so what are my options? The officer didn’t even look up my record. When he handed me the ticket, he asked me if I had ever gotten a ticket before, and I said I had never gotten a ticket. How do I find out about the calibration of the radar before going to court (I go in July)? Thanks!

The officer has to be not only Post Certified to be an officer but also certified and trained on the specific type of radar equipment they use. ( radar or lazor) Next, I forget if it is annual or biannual. Still, they are required to go to training to keep their certification up ( something many forget, can’t get into a class, or are late getting the class), so every day, some officers are running radar where their certification has become outdated. Next, the actual radar equipment has to be FCC licensed and tested, and every day upon the start of his use of this equipment, he has to do a tuning fork test for calibration. A log is carried in the car with the radar unit where they enter the test results. You can request this from the discovery of evidence through the court. But should be doing it with an attorney. It will cost you more to beat it than the fine, and one ticket on your record has little effect.

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